Uniquely delivering your Video Content with AR

Nothing makes the sale or connects a new client relationship quite like your very best rich media served within a unique and compelling environment. And that is exactly what TALK2ME accomplishes in a way never yet seen. Augmented Reality embedded in a business card or brochure, an informational flyer or product descriptor, almost anything you can print. Imagine your collateral coming alive with one off video which promotes you and your company in a way most consumers think is impossible? That is the essence of TALK2ME.

Latest Technology

We've developed the latest in Augmented Reality technology which delivers rich media content via an embedded image printed into almost any collateral.

Compelling Messaging

If you understand how to tell your own story, you'll immediately appreciate the ability to craft the environment in which your content is experienced by a customer.

Enhances Collateral

Imagine your business card, a sign or even a piece of informational collateral coming alive with a rich media presentation or customised and targeted video.

Easy to Use Interface

Whether you are scanning the TALK2ME icons which are embedded in brochures or creating your own images to embed in your content, the interface is easy to use.

Free App Download

You can get started experiencing an entirely new level of embedded messaging by downloading the TALK2ME app at the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores.

Great Client Support

We appreciate how important it is that your AR messging be deliecred ina unique and compelling way. That's why our team is always ready to support you.


Augmented Reality provides the opportunity to tell the story of your product or services in a dynamic new way.

A Unique Delivery Environment

When you can control the environment in which your message or content is experienced, your liklihood of influencing a viewers behavior is dramatically improved.

A Compelling Message

TALK2ME is not about whiz bang technology. Technology in and of itself will never sell anyone. However, when the technology allows a viewer to experience a message in an entirely unexpected way, the ability for your content to compel action is enhanced.

A Robust Call to Action

TALK2ME gives you the opportunity to meet prospects right where they are with your very best pitch or presentation. That is what makes the TALK2ME app so unique.

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Why it Works for Your Business

Business is all about creating new client relationships through communication. If you message in a more compelling way than your competitor, you'll win the business.
So, differentiation is everything when it comes to telling the most compelling story possible. And when you need to deliver your message in way that is memorable, nothing does it quite like TALK2ME.

  • The absolute lastest in AR technolgy

  • You control the messaging environment

  • Your content is expereinced uniquely

  • Use your rich media content to influence user behavior

  • The content creation and deliver interface is easy



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How does TALK2ME work?

The Augmented Reality technology which underlies the TALK2ME app and content processing platform, allows content creators to digitally connect and deliver video content which is associated with a specific image, That image is then embedded into your printed material, business card, collateral, whatever. Then when anyone scans that image with the TALK2ME app, the image comes alive with the embedded video content!

What does it cost to Download?

The TALK2ME app is absolutely FREE to download at either the Google Play or Apple store. Download it today!

What is the cost to create TALK2ME embedded images and videos?

We're just now finishing our batch processing image and content generation platform. In the meantime, you can submit the image you want to print and associate with a video, as well as the video content itself at our Content Creators Portal here. The cost of each embedded image is $99 and that image and its associated content will remain live on our servers for one year.

Where can I embed my TALK2ME images?

You can embed your image on anything that can be printed. Business cards, brochures, menus, flyers, corporate reports. If you can print it, you can embed a TALK2ME image into it and impress your clients.


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