Dr. Mark Schlesinger Joins the Prestigious WCLI Luminary Team

Dr. Mark Schlesinger, of the Diamond Schlesinger Group, was recently selected as the newest member to join the World Clinical Laser Institute’s team of Luminaries.

Dr. Wayne Harrison, Biolase Director of Sales, states:

On behalf of our company, we are very happy to welcome Dr. Mark Schlesinger as the newest member to our exclusive team of Luminaries.  Dr. Schlesinger’s academic and clinical achievements are impressive and show a strong commitment to innovation, education and patient health, much like our own.  We look forward to having him represent Biolase in the consumer arena in a way that helps doctors and patients better understand the value our products can add to their lives.

Dr. Schlesinger is currently the only WCLI Luminary in New York City.  In 2008, Biolase formalized its relationships with a world class group of key Waterlase Dentist Luminaries to help it launch a new clinical training methodology and provide ongoing clinical support for its customers. In addition, a special training Advisory Board has been formed within this group to oversee the development of new training materials and technology support tools that will set a new standard in laser dentistry clinical training.

The new training Advisory Board and key luminaries are fulfilling the need to provide expertise and focus in the field of dental laser training and will complement the current academic and World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) luminaries around the world.



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