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Initial Visit | Consultation

Smile and mirrorYour first visit to our office will entail a thorough exam of your mouth and a review of your medical and dental history. Your doctor will discuss with you your personal goals and concerns and answer all of your questions.


Treatment Plan

Following your initial consultation, the doctor will present to you your treatment options. In some cases, a second appointment may be necessary to discuss the treatment plan in greater detail. Fees and financing options are always provided to patients prior to the commencement of therapy.

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The Link Between Oral and Body Health

Evidence continues to mount that links oral health with certain systemic illnesses. Learn more about the role that your mouth can play in keeping you healthy by visiting our dynamic Blog Page.

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Dental Insurance

We will gladly file all dental claims with your dental insurance provider and assist you in taking full advantage of your benefits. We can also submit a predetermination of benefits to your dental insurance provider prior to any treatment to assess the benefits provided by your plan.

While we do not limit your treatment to what your dental benefits may allow, we are respectful of concerns regarding the cost of dental care and work with you to control those costs. If your employer provides you with dental benefits, please bring your insurance card or insurance information to your initial visit. We recommend that you review your dental benefits booklet to better understand your plan’s limitations.




For your benefit and peace of mind, treatment will not begin until the method of payment for services to be performed in our office has been determined. For your convenience we are pleased to offer several affordable payment plans to qualified individuals.

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Most people do not fully comprehend the way in which dental insurance benefits are determined.

The following articles should help to clarify things.