Innovation & Excellence

Dental x-ray

Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays provide quicker and clearer images than conventional x-rays, and are also safer since the radiation dose is considerably less. Communication with other doctors and third parties is also simplified in the digital age.

Waterlase YSGG Laser

Waterlase YSGG Hard and Soft Tissue Laser

The Waterlase YSGG laser represents a major breakthrough in dental treatment.



Computer Guided Implant Dentistry | Cone Beam


Cone Beam Computerized Tomography provides high resolution 3-D views of critical anatomical features. In combination with special software designed to manipulate the data, CT imaging helps us diagnose dental disease and assists in the guidance of the dental implant treatment planning process.


Patient Communication

DemandForce is a powerful software application that allows us to electronically communicate with our patients. It enables us to send out text message and email appointment reminders and confirmations, and allows our patients to give certified reviews. We have also integrated social media to improve the ways in which we educate and communicate with the dental community