Certified Review

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What is a Certified Review?

A good reputation can take years to build. It is developed by delivering quality service over time, in a stable and trustworthy manner. Patients talk, and if they say good things about you, new patients are sure to come. The opposite is true as well. If you receive negative comments, those can hurt your reputation. Online, this dynamic is even more pronounced, since often all a prospective patient sees is a couple of reviews posted on a web site. Who knows if those reviews are valid?

Although most reviews posted online are likely to be legitimate, a practice doesn’t always know who is writing them or whether the reviewer is in fact a patient–rather than a competitor or other malicious source. In many cases, the practice will never even see the negative review because they are just too busy to keep up with all of the web sites out there, and responding to each review, if possible, can be prohibitively time consuming.

At the Diamond Schlesinger Group, we utilize a service called Demandforce. Demandforce makes it easy for us to build, extend and protect our reputation by gathering reviews from patients and posting them online, automatically. Since Demandforce syncs with our practice management software, we can certify that the reviews are from real patients, even when the review is posted anonymously, by matching a review with an actual visit. This ensures factual data is being submitted. Finally, before reviews are posted, the Diamond Schlesinger Group has an opportunity to respond in writing, or request removal of a review if it violates our strict takedown criteria.

When a review has passed through the Demandforce Public review and comment policy filter, it becomes a “Certified Review”. That means consumers can rely on those reviews as being sourced from real patients of our practice. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our Certified Reviews, and believe that they add meaningful data to the online dialog.

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