Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Engineers

What makes a beautiful smile?

The answer is not as simple as just beautiful teeth. What distinguishes a nice smile from a fantastic smile is the harmonious blend of scalloped, smooth, evenly shaped pink gums framed around translucent, exquisitely shaped teeth.

The front teeth are mathematically proportioned
Golden Ratio

While the unique qualities of each individual lead to differing perspectives on the attractiveness of a smile, specific scientifically accepted ratios and measurements for tooth and gum anatomy do exist that provide guidance to dentists in designing smiles.

Improving the Appearance of Teeth

Chips, gaps, spaces, stains, discolorations and crooked teeth are all correctable conditions.  The doctors at The Diamond Schlesinger Group are surgical specialists, who help improve many cosmetic cases through various “behind-the-scenes” procedures.  We work with other dental professionals (restorative dentists, prosthodontists, and orthodontists) to make the complete smile solution a reality. Below are some aspects of cosmetic dentistry that may entail a portion of your dental care:

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive way to brighten discolored natural teeth. It will not change the color of existing crowns or porcelain veneers. A take-home bleaching kit is often recommended to supplement in-office whitening.

Minor imperfections can sometimes be corrected with bonding.

Porcelain veneers, or laminates, are thin shells of porcelain that adhere to the surfaces of teeth. They can help recreate your smile by customizing the shape and translucency of your teeth.

Orthodontics is often recommended to correctly position the teeth prior to the initiation of other cosmetic procedures. Masking incorrectly positioned teeth with cosmetic dental enhancements increases the likelihood that such enhancements will fail.

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear custom molded aligners to correct tooth positioning and can be a desirable alternative to traditional braces.


More Than Meets The Eye

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Many people are unhappy with their smile and think that it is their teeth that need improvement. Surprisingly, many smiles can be enhanced without ever touching the teeth. The gums and jawbone have a significant impact on the appearance of a smile.

Periodontal plastic surgery involves modifying the gums and jawbone, either alone or in conjunction with some of the other cosmetic treatments discussed above, to create a beautiful smile.

Reshaping The Gums

Our Waterlase YSGG  laser modifies the gumline. Smaller teeth can appear larger, and large teeth can appear more in proportion with the others.  This helps to create the proper cosmetic teeth lengths for your smile.  Often times, your smile will be perfected with veneers or crowns.


The Waterlase YSGG advanced laser system represents such a significant breakthrough in the practice of periodontics, esthetic and implant dentistry, that we have devoted an entire website to this cutting edge method of treatment.