Dental Implants Timeline

Dental Implants Treatment Timeline

Several factors will affect your dental implants treatment timeline under the care of our Manhattan, NY, practice. For example, depending on the current state of your oral health, you may require preparatory treatment. Bone grafting, sinus lifts, and related procedures will require additional healing time. When you come to the Diamond Schlesinger Group, we will schedule a thorough implants consultation. At this appointment, Dr. Greg R. Diamond or Dr. Mark Schlesinger will examine your oral health and begin creating your treatment plan.

Preparatory Procedures

To qualify for dental implants, you must have sufficient jawbone tissue. If you have suffered jaw recession, the implant posts may not have enough support, and may face a high risk of implant failure. However, Drs. Diamond and Schlesinger can often restore your candidacy with a tissue regeneration procedure. Bone grafting and sinus lifts are the most common options. During these treatments, your periodontist will rebuild and strengthen your jaw with donor tissue. It can take up to six months to recover from a bone graft or sinus lift. After this time, we can schedule your implants surgery.

Recovery after an implant surgery usually takes between four and six months. After this time, you may require another minor surgery to prepare the implants to support your restorations.”

In other cases, we may need to remove your damaged teeth before placing dental implants. In most cases, we can perform extraction and implants surgery on the same day, so it will not extend your treatment timeline.

Day of Surgery

Implant surgery itself will only last an hour or two. However, we often use IV sedation during this procedure and these medications will not leave your system for several hours. Therefore, you should arrange for a ride to and from the office, and plan to rest at home the rest of the day. You should avoid strenuous exercise for three to four days following implant placement. In most cases, you will also need to eat a soft diet for a few days, and you should avoid spicy foods, which can irritate the incision sites.

Recovery, Restoration, and Ongoing Care

It is rare for patients to leave our office without a temporary restoration following dental implant placement. This allows you to chew and enjoy a normal appearance as your jaw heals.

As you recover, your jawbone and the implant posts will integrate.  As you are healing, you will have at least one follow-up visit, usually several weeks after your surgery. Your periodontist will monitor your progress and make sure that you are healing correctly. Full integration usually takes between four and six months.

After this time, your practitioner may need to perform another minor procedure to attach abutment pieces that will connect to your restorations. Once the gums have healed – usually after about two weeks – we can begin crafting your permanent restoration.

How Long Will My Implants Last?

When you undergo treatment with our experienced team, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. To protect your implants, you should brush and floss daily. It is also essential that you schedule biannual cleanings and exams.

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Several factors affect your dental implants timeline, including preparatory procedures and the current state of your oral health. Drs. Diamond and Schlesinger will examine your smile in order to determine a likely timeline for your implant treatment. To learn more, contact our office today.